Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To post war-games comments or not to post...

...that is the question??  Err... that is the question!!!  I'd toyed back in August with the notion that I should keep this blog "pristine," and only discuss factual, "serious" matters that pertained to the period roughly 1754 to 1763 (or 1764).  But as the light-hearted blog title might suggest, even then I was toying with doing just the opposite!  And, I confess, my irreverent side has finely won the tussle!

In coming weeks and months I will intersperse comment about the serious nature of warfare in that tumultuous decade~ish with commentary and photos from battles staged with 28mm figures from my small contingents (or just eye-candy!!)...  I hope this will not disappoint those few who gamely follow this blog.

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