Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Year's Resolve opposed to "resolution." In the course of the New Year's celebration I gave a little thought to my little blog, and I decided after-all NOT in the coming weeks and months to intersperse comment about the serious nature of warfare in that tumultuous decade~ish from 1754-1764 with commentary and photos from battles staged with my meager supply of 28mm figures from my small army contingents (or just to post eye-candy!!)...
I hope this will not disappoint those few hardy souls who gamely follow this blog???  Instead, this blog will focus on the history of the conflicts in that period 1754-1764. It will also discuss technical issues of the armies -- and maybe the navies -- involved in the various conflicts...   Hence, the short post last month for example about British Artillery!!
For those who fear this is all just a clever ruse to avoid admitting that I don't actually HAVE any 28mm figures, or engage in table top gaming, do NOT abandon hope. I will shortly open a new blog for discussion of all my 28mm gaming interests And never fear, I shall link the two blogs so if you are REALLY that interested you can toggle back and forth and see what games I get up to in what little free time I have when not worrying about history -- and vice versa!
Happy New Year to you All!!